Care Managers Protect Your Elderly Loved One &  Ensure their Health & Safety.

Care Managers ensure the safety of the elderly

We understand that caring for a parent, spouse or family member can be rewarding and stressful at the same time. It can also be extremely overwhelming. Enlisting the help of a Care Manager can be just what the doctor ordered.
You might be asking yourself, what exactly does a Care Manager do? They manage all aspects of the care your loved on is receiving. Care Managers will create a plan of care that is specific to the patients needs. They monitor the plan closely to  ensure that the doctor’s orders are being implemented correctly. They help interpret medical issues and explain them in easy layman terms, so the patient and their families completely understand.
Care Managers can make sure that the patients is engaging in outdoor activities by managing their social calendar, as well as medical appointments. Accompanying clients to their doctor’s appointment and ensuring followup visits and treatments are complied with, is part of their care. If needed, they can provide follow up and feed back to family members that are distant.

Deciding on a Care Manager?

Look for one that has the knowledge and experience in elder-care and who works with seniors. Many Care Managers are nurses and can assist you in navigating the home healthcare system. Especially if you live far away and important decisions need to be made quickly. Even if you live close by, many times family members aren’t in agreement in regards to their care. As well, a parent or spouse may be refusing the help that they need. Guidance from a Care Manager can give you the answers  to make the right decisions for your loved one. Care managers will also provide medication management to ensure the patient is taking theirs correctly, and as ordered by the physician.

When your elderly loved one chooses to “age in place” and remain in their home, a care manager is even more important.

They can visit the home environment to make sure that it is clean and a safe environment for your loved to continue to maintain their independence. Most importantly, they will access your loved one’s health and personal care, to be sure their is no neglect. One of the most important responsibilities of care management,  is to make sure that their is no patient neglect or elder abuse. This includes physically, financially, and emotionally and that there is no possible chance of exploitation by others. This is extremely important if you are hiring private, independent care givers, that do not have any support team.

If it becomes necessary a medical professional might advise placement in a living facility.  Care Managers will be very valuable in assessing these facilities for you. Whether it is independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing or rehabilitation, a care manager  works with the family and the doctor to make the best decision to fulfill the patient’s needs.
Having a Care Manager to watch over your loved one, can relieve your stress. More importantly, they provide peace of mind that your loved one is receiving the care they need. For more information on Nurse Care Managers please give us a call! (561) 998-3211