Platinum Select Care is different than all the other 300 agencies… and here’s why!

Platinum Select Care prides ourselves on being different AND better than all the other home care agencies in South Florida. And here’s why!

First, Platinum Select Listens!

We really listen to what you want and need. We are ALL about building strong relationships. Whether the relationship is between the agency and the patient or the agency and the caregiver.  We believe exceptional relationships create exceptional service.

Other companies staff  their cases with any caregiver who is available. Usually their criteria is if their schedules fit when the patient needs help. We do not staff warm bodies to patients! PSC will find you the perfect caregiver after we confirm your needs. One of our licensed RN’s will evaluate your criteria and level of care at a preliminary nursing consultation. This is where we create your personal plan of care. Then, and only then will we find you the right caregiver.

Second – We Are Your Patient Advocate!

Most days we find ourselves listening and speaking to prospective clients. We educate our clients on all resources that are available to them.

At Platinum Select Care, we work with a Geriatric Psychiatrist as well as a licensed therapist. Our therapist is a certified Level 1 and Level 2 Dementia Trainer. In other words, we have helped many families through the toughest job they ever had; caring for a loved one with Dementia.

In addition, whether it be through Medicare, long term care insurance or private pay, we know the home care process can be tireless and very complex. We will be there to help you through the red tape and get you the care you want and need.

Third – Platinum Select has the Experience that Counts!

We have over 30 years of nursing experience and more than 20 in the home care industry. Platinum Select Care is nurse-owned and operated, with three full-time nurses on staff to oversee all of our clients’ needs. Our independent pool of HHA’s & CNA’s have a minimum of five years of care-giving experience, on average.

Our experience pours over into our office personnel as well.  When you call Platinum Select Care you will always get a live person available to help you. Customer Service is extremely important to us. We believe that first impressions are just as important to make the client feel comfortable.

Each client is given the attention that is needed to make them feel like they are our only client. We know that everyone is unique in their needs and in their personalities. Therefore, our experience allows us to customize your care!

Lastly, We Will Personalize your Care!

Each client is assigned a personal care coordinator. This is your contact person, who is fully aware of all your needs.  They will assist you in managing your caregiver schedule and any other needs you have. A licensed nurse is also assigned to oversee your clinical care on a daily basis.

Our office staff participates in quality customer service from the moment they take your call. Even our insurance expert is available to help you navigate through your claim’s process. We will even speak with your insurance company directly to get answers to any questions you may have.

Thus, we consistently review our cases and make recommendations to exceed our clients’ expectations. We are unlike our competitors that are “franchise cookie-cutter organizations.” Most of them are setup by a ‘One Fits All’ model and cannot personalize their services to fit your needs.

Finally, our goal is to build trust and create relationships with our patients and their families. We believe that this is the best and only way to set up each client for the most successful experience with home care!