Privately Yours – Platinum Select Care’s New Sister Company

Privately Yours was developed by their sister company Platinum Select Care, to meet and exceed your expectations. In order to do this, we saw a need and created a company that allows you to hire and manage caregivers directly and privately.

Our sister company, Privately Yours was specifically designed for that purpose. It allows clients to directly hire vetted, credentialed, experienced caregivers, at a price that fits every budget. We believe that home health agencies should offer multiple options. After all, each client has their own individualized needs.

Privately Yours

Privately Yours specializes in introducing you to that special caregiver. With our superior pool of experienced caregivers, we can meet your needs and budget without sacrificing the quality of the care.

Our Caregiver Recruiters act as “headhunters” to find your WISH LIST Caregiver. Privately Yours conducts the same verification process as Platinum Select Care. This includes a FBI level 2 fingerprints, proof of liability insurance & license, verifying references, health records and proof of legal work status.

Once we find you that special caregiver, you can interview and hire them directly. There are no ongoing agency fees, no holiday rates and no agency overtime rates. If your selection does not work out for any reason, Privately Yours will continue to work with you until one does. This gives our clients peace of mind, that they will always have care when needed.

Finding you the right caregiver-

In order to find that “diamond in the rough,” we invest much of our time listening to what our clients need and prefer. We spend hours personally interviewing and vetting caregivers, so you don’t have to. Once we understand what our clients are looking for, we are able to procure that special caregiver.

Privately Yours will not only save you money with direct hiring, but will also provide record keeping of hours worked and replacement of caregivers as needed. Most importantly, we ensure that the caregiver will meet your specific needs and criteria. We do all this without sacrificing quality or experience.

To find out which of our personalized programs  works best for you, call and speak with a Caregiver Recruiter TODAY!

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