Meet Our Family of Caregivers

This is us! Our Family of Caregivers at Platinum Select Nursing are the finest in Palm Beach County! We only work with the best of the best! We believe that is one main reason Platinum Select is different than other home care agencies. We would love you to scroll down and meet our family of caregivers.  They are the “Heart and Soul” of what we do here at Platinum!

And See Why our Family of Caregivers Love Working with Us!

Jocelyne Floreal
Jocelyne FlorealCertified Nursing Assistant
Jocelyne is an amazing caregiver. She is attentive, deeply caring and professional. She exemplifies what PSN caregivers are all about. She brings her experience and enthusiasm to our clients. We are proud she is part of our team!
Jean Petit Louis
Jean Petit LouisCertified Nursing Assistant
Jean is a dedicated, attentive and trustworthy caregiver. He goes above and beyond in taking care of our clients. We are proud to call him one of our own.
Susan Hacker
Susan HackerHome Health Aide
Susan is a deeply caring and committed caregiver. Our clients absolutely love her. She really knows how to bring a smile to the faces of the people she works with. We are proud she is part of our PSN team.
Sherlyne Leonard
Sherlyne LeonardHome Health Aide
Sherlyne goes above and beyond in all she does as a caregiver. She is kind, compassionate, and loving. Sherlyne brings the best of herself to her work and truly demonstrates the high-quality service we strive to provide.
Godyana Edmont
Godyana EdmontHome Health Aide
Godyana has exemplified excellence in her job performance and extra support and service for her client. Godyana is caring, loving, proactive, and a good communicator. It is with great pleasure that we nominate Godyana as February 2021 Caregiver of the Month.
Olive Brown
Olive BrownCertified Nurses Assistant
Olive is a conscientious and amazing caregiver. She goes above and beyond her responsibilities to our clients. She brings true compassion and an ability to really listen. We are honored to call her one of our own.
Antonette Douglas
Antonette DouglasHome Health Aide
Antonette Douglas has all of the qualities we look for in our selection of our Caregiver of the Month. Antonette is very caring, prompt, dependable, and professional. Antonette is loved by all of her clients.
Claudette Paris
Claudette ParisCertified Nurses Assistant
Claudette is an efficient worker and a good listener. She is well trained and has worked with the Fischer family Since 2019. Claudette reflects the platinum standard of home caregiving.
Natacha Pierre
Natacha PierreCertified Nurses Assistant
Natacha is a patient, prompt, thoughtful, and engaging caregiver. She goes above and beyond to make sure our clients feel taken care of. She is also warm and fuzzy!
Shelia James
Shelia JamesHome Health Aide
Sheila is what the platinum standard of caregiving is all about. She is compassionate, caring, and makes our patients feel very comfortable. She is friendly and efficient. Shelia gives her all.
Deidria Clayton
Deidria ClaytonGraduated Nurse
Diedria is a people person she goes above and beyond for all of PSN clients. Everyone she comes in contact with loves her. Diedria is caring, loving, proactive, and is always available to help when called on. While working with PSN Diedria obtained her nursing degree. PSN encourages all our aides to continue to strive to be their best and continue to grow in this very rewarding field.
Epolane Calixte
Epolane CalixtePhysical Therapist Assistant
Epolane is a great communicator, she is always prompt and has a positive attitude. She is very patient, compassionate, and dependable. PSN encourages all our aides to continue to strive to be their best and continue to grow in this very rewarding field.
Ginna FanFan
Ginna FanFanCertified Nurses Assistant
Ginna is a loving and caring Caregiver that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Ginna is proactive, smart, and a great example of what a caregiver should be.
Sonia Gavin
Sonia GavinHome Health Aide
Sonia Gavin is being acknowledged as Caregiver of the Month for May.
Sonya is friendly, always smiling, and attentive to her clients. She represents what PSN is all about – bringing our best to our clients.
Jolene Paul
Jolene PaulCertified Nursing Assistant
Jolene Paul was acknowledged as Caregiver of the Month in April. She exemplifies what PSN is all about; Exceeding the expectations of our clients. We are very proud to call her one of our own. The home care rendered by Jolene Paul makes it easier to get through the day for our clients.
Marie Jean Baptiste
Marie Jean BaptisteCertified Nursing Assistant
Marie Jean Baptiste was acknowledged as Caregiver of the Month in February. She exemplifies what PSN is all about; Exceeding the expectations of our clients. We are very proud to call her one of our own.
Marie Antoine
Marie AntoineCertified Nursing Assistant
Marie Antoine is being acknowledged for her dedication to her clients and their families. As well as her compassionate, caring and commitment to outstanding work. Thank you Marie for representing Platinum Select Nursing’s values with love & compassion.
Kelsy Cherelus
Kelsy CherelusHome Health Aide
Kesly Cherelus – Caregiver of the Month – October 2019
Kesly is extremely dedicated and committed to all his patients. He represents the values of old fashioned nursing care, compassion and consistently going above and beyond. Thank you Kesly for your great work!
Sheryl Matute
Sheryl Matute Home Health Aide
“At the foundation of Platinum Select Nursing is sound leadership, greater-good vision, and proactive management and office team. The PSN team has our best interests in mind, are professional, and do a great job at staying on top of client and caregiver needs. Each person is treated with dignity and respect. PSN has been the backbone of my work experience and I truly appreciate the opportunities they have provided to grow professionally.!”

Ketteline LaRose
Ketteline LaRoseCertified Nursing Assistant
We spotlighted Ketteline as Platinum Select Nursing’s CAREGIVER of the MONTH (October 2018) for her outstanding work with a difficult client. She has gone above & beyond as a caregiver and has proven her dedication and commitment to her patients! Thank you Ketteline for your hard work and for consistently representing the values of Platinum Select Nursing!!
Yolene Joseph
Yolene JosephCertified Nursing Assistant
“I’ve worked with Platinum Select Nursing since 2009. I enjoy working with Platinum because, they are a great company and not only cares about the client but the employee as well. They have always kept me busy with work and have grown into such a great agency. The professionalism they show is why I’m proud to say I work for Platinum Select Nursing.” – Yolene
Carmel Ania Germinal-Mommus
Carmel Ania Germinal-MommusRegistered Nurse
Carmel started with Platinum Select Nursing as a home health aide. She worked her way up and put herself through nursing school. Carmel has graduated from nursing school and is now a licensed RN with Platinum Select. She gives so much credit to PSN for believing in her and giving her the opportunity to make her dream come true! Platinum Select Nursing could not be prouder of her accomplishments and the amazing Nurse she has become!
Rose Stewart
Rose StewartCertified Nursing Assistant
“Platinum Select Nursing is a very warm agency to work for. The staff there works hard for their caregiver’s to succeed.” – Rose
Myriam Languy
Myriam LanguyHome Health Aide
“I never knew that I would ever find a place to work that have a staff that knows their jobs and very respectful towards other. Platinum Nursing is the best I love everything I will refer clients and caregiver to the best agency in the world.” – Myriam
Magda Dorvil
Magda DorvilCertified Nursing Assistant
“Platinum Select Nursing is the health agency with the kindest customer service personal and the best trained team.” – Magda
Josue Monthervil
Josue MonthervilHome Health Aide
“I have been with Platinum Select Nursing since 2014 & I love being a part of this prestigious nursing company. There motto is excellence, respect, and hard work. PSN is the best when it comes to valuing customers as well as caregivers. In 2015 I had a difficult client and they addressed the patient’s loved ones, who apologized to me and it never happened again. That’s what I call valuing an employee! I think PSN hires the right people in order to ascend to the next level of excellence in caring for people!”- Josue
Will you be our next Caregiver we highlight?