Reviews and testimonials from our clients & their families validate Platinum Select Care’s level of care & commitment.

The majority of our clients come to us through personal referrals and word of mouth recommendations. We understand that hiring a caregiver can be one of the most important decisions you can make because you want the best for your loved one. But hiring the RIGHT caregiver is crucial. That is why we love when our clients let us know how happy they are with their caregivers and our services.

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Verified Testimonials “I was alone with no family allowed and a little frightened going into surgery. Sheryl was absolutely wonderful and assured me she would provide me the best! My caregiver Sheila was efficient, caring and we bonded. This was a first-time experience and I did not know what to expect. Sheila made me feel comfortable taking me to the hospital, taking me home, and caring for me for the next four days. She was friendly and efficient and we became good friends. Loved the care of Platinum Select.”

Doris S.

Verified Testimonials ” Jolene was assigned to me back in August when I was released from the hospital. In these 8 months she’s been an excellent CG as is Claudette Paris. In this time of world crisis, Jolene performs above and beyond. She’s continually sanitizing areas in the house, won’t let me touch a box delivered by Amazon and all related situations. Because of this you should be honored to have her as one of your contractual CG’s.”

Jack F.

Verified Testimonials “Ruth is an absolutely wonderful aide for my husband. Kind of quiet adorable and smart. I only hope when the time comes we will be able to clone her. LOL. I have always been impressed by the professional courteous and kind staff of PSN. Having been in the health industry for over 30 years, please take my comment seriously. You are great!”

Judi M

Verified Testimonial – “I have used the services of Platinum Select to service my wife’s health aid requirements for about a year. My wife is a Parkinson’s patient, who recently broke both her hip and her left arm, so the care problems have at times been complex. Platinum Select has supplied competent and cooperative personnel, who understood my wife’s requirements, and her sensitivity. The Health aids have been very dependable and I rarely was required to have additional contact with the office.Although Platinum Select appears to be large enough to have an ample supply of Caregivers, they have the advantage that it is still possible to speak directly with administrative management when that is appropriate. I recommend Platinum Select Services.”

Bob G
Verified Testimonials ” As you know, my son selected Platinum Select to provide my Home Health needs.  I am very happy that he chose your Agency. Gail I., LPN visited me to evaluate my needs. She was very professional, very knowledgeable and very pleasant.  I felt confident that you would provide a very qualified Aide to help me at home. And you did! Tanya B is the Aide that is helping me. Since I am unable to use my left hand at all she immediately began to help me in every way. I look forward to her visits and the wonderful help she provides for me. Thank you very much for providing such an outstanding Staff of Professionals.”

Eleanor R.

Verified Testimonials It’s been a while since I reached out and I wanted to let you know how happy and pleased and thankful….. (I could go on and on) with Venchies. It’s been 2 years since she has been with Mildred and she has become our family. If there ever was an Angel, we have found her. Her kindness, care and friendship are invaluable and we are eternally grateful to and for her. I also wanted to acknowledge Erica and Melissa. Their promptness to responding to questions AND their understanding of our needs has become second to none. Thanks for all you ALL do!

Mark & Tammie G

Verified Testimonials – “Simone has been a wonderful aide and companion for Jack and myself. Since the first day she came to work for us, about 5 years ago, she has always had a very upbeat personality. She keeps  us laughing even when we might have a day when we don’t feel so good. We always seem to end up laughing and having a good time together. Simone gets her work done and still has time for us. Because she is the perfect care giver. Thank you for sending her to us.”

Barbara W.

Verified Testimonials Wonderful agency, everyone is deeply caring and very competent. If your aide or nurse cannot get to you on your scheduled day, they are very quick to find a very good replacement. A little higher priced than other agencies but worth the money! Just terrific people, so kind and genuine!”

Jody E.

Verified Testimonials – “I needed to find help for my mother after she fell and broke her arm My mother loves animals and loves to feed the ducks that visit regularly. As she ran in her heels and slipped, that is where the nightmare began. She needed help, dressing, bathing, feeding and light housekeeping, as she was not able to do it herself. A friend recommended Platinum Select and said they were a wonderful home care company. I called and explained my mom’s situation and a nurse came to see her the next day. They sent us a wonderful caregiver who stayed with her for 4 hours everyday. It was wonderful knowing that she was in such good hands, Since I could not be there, Platinum Select took excellent care of her and provided the support she needed during this difficult time.”

Alison K

Jean (Emma to us) is a delight and a very caring person. She is always on time and we are very happy to have her here for Roslyn.

Roslyn K.

Verified Testimonial – “Diane is the best we have had from any agency. She never has to be told  to do anything. She knows what to do and does it often more than I expect.”

R. B.

It is my pleasure as Seena Michelson’s POA to be a witness to the wonderful care Seena has received under Tisi’s care. Seena’s primary doctor (DR. Lee Green) has remarked at the improvement in Seena’s health under Tisi’s care (both emotionally and medically).

Tisi is aware of all of Seena’s health issues. She has a list of all of Seena’s physicians and makes sure Seena is seen whenever necessary.

Sandy L.

Thank you Platinum Select for always being there to help, assist and to just listen! And thank you for hosting the food drive. Such a worthy cause ….and one of my favorite agencies!

Judi M.

Tisi is my favorite caretaker. She is always there for me and takes special care of my health problems.I give her an “A” in all of her responsibilities in her care for me. I consider Tisi one of my best caretakers.

Seena M.

Johanne is absolutely wonderful. She is self-starting, watches me like a hawk and does everything in the world for me. I could not have found anyone like her without you. I am most appreciative and I want you to give her a gold star on her chart. She is wonderful and Marilynn and I are most happy with her. She is efficient, pleasant, caring and professional. Thank you so much.

William G.

Verified Testimonial – “We have had the best experience with Platinum during a very difficult time in our family. The service we received was awesome and the the entire staff was very comforting and accommodated our every need at a moments notice. I highly recommend there service. Thank you all for your warm thoughts. and true heartfelt compassion and GREAT service.”

Glen G

Verified Testimonial – “Venchies is an amazing and loving caregiver. She has treated my mom with great care and respect. I appreciate her love and attention towards my mom. She is lively to be around. She is very pleasant and friendly. I am grateful to her.”

Mildred M.

Verified Testimonial – “My caregiver’s services were excellent and I even miss her now.”

Regina E.

Verified Testimonial – “I needed urgent care for my elderly mother who has early stage dementia and had other medical issues. PSN came in right away with a support team that gave my mother exceptional service. The management staff headed by Cori are experienced professionals, addressed my concerns and after a few bumps in the road, got excellent caregivers to aid my mother in bathing, dressing, eating, cooking meals, light housekeeping. In addition they provided transportation to/from medical appointments, including on-site monitoring by Cori (per my request). I know my mother is in excellent care and feels safe and secure, which is my primary concern. I highly recommend this agency for your caregiver needs.”


Verified Testimonials – From the start of my inquiry, through the entire process, Platinum Select explained in detail exactly what I could expect for my fathers care. The home aides were kind, caring and almost loving. The office staff addressed all my concerns and were available at any time even in crisis mode. Because of their exceptional service, outstanding company and they stand behind their word, I highly highly recommend Platinum Select.

Terry L

“It was a pleasure recommending you and your staff….my experiences with all the aides was wonderful. Without them, Ed and I never could have survived as well as we did. Please be good to your people as they were so good to us! I am very glad to share my experiences with you and your staff, again, my thanks.”


A highly professional and reliable group in can count on delivering as promised.

Bryan B

Verified Testimonial –“Martha is the BEST!! I have such peace of mind knowing my mom is so well taken care of”

Karen C.

“Your agency has been very reliable”