Hiring a Caregiver For a Successful In-Home Care Experience

Hiring a caregiver is a big decision. Platinum Select would like to make it a bit easier for you, by giving you suggestions and explaining your choices.

Why Use An Agency to Find a Caregiver?  Why Not Hire a Private Caregiver?

The state regulates and requires all agencies to vet and credential each and every caregiver. However, a reputable quality agency will go above and beyond to ensure they hire the best. Platinum Select verifies all their work experience, as well as pre-screens each applicant. We interview each candidate and require them to pass an exam. Platinum Select Care takes hiring a caregiver very seriously. Therefore, we thoroughly screen our caregivers before we admit them into our pool of caregivers.

An agency will verify that all credentials are up to date. They perform a thorough background check that includes fingerprints and motor vehicle checks. See our video on “How Platinum Select Vets their Caregivers” here.

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a caregiver (through an agency or independently) is what happens if your caregiver gets sick? Or when they need a day off or just can’t make it to work one day? A full service agency will find you a replacement in a moment’s notice. If you hire a private, most likely you will be left with no caregiver.

An agency will assist you with maximizing your LTC insurance benefits. The process and paperwork can be confusing and overwhelming. Most independent caregiver cannot assist in the insurance process. Sometimes when hiring a caregiver, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Finding and Choosing the RIGHT Caregiver

If you choose to hire a caregiver that is independent (does not work through an agency), the proof of verification and legitimacy falls solely on you. Anyone can say that they are an aide, but how do you really know that they have the experience? How do you know they even have the formal training to be an aide?

If you do decide to hire a private caregiver, we highly recommend that you ask to see a Palm Beach Caregiver Registration Tag. The law states that all caregivers that are not affiliated with an agency must register with the county. Once registered, they receive their tag.  The tag signifies that they have passed a level 2 finger print clearance.

If you are hiring a caregiver that has NOT registered with the county, we strongly recommend that YOU obtain a copy of their license or certificate (HHA or CNA). Once you have that info you can verify it with the Florida State Department of Nursing, as well as the school that they attended.

Having someone in your home should be someone that you can trust and feel comfortable with. There are too many horror stories out there about the elderly being taken advantage of. Unfortunately they are abused by unregistered aides that are not fit to be caregivers.

Keep in mind that the County of Palm Beach passed this ordinance to protect our vulnerable senior population. When a caregiver is found working without the county’s registration and tag, the caregiver can be subject to a fine and prison time.

Here is a list of credentials an agency will verify on your behalf:

Level 2 Fingerprint Background Clearance

Legal to work status

Social Security

Driver’s License ‘References


Liability Insurance

Documentation of school

Working Interview VS Scheduled Interview

Agency vs Private Caregiver

When you use an agency, you can set up a “working interview”. This will give you an excellent idea if the caregiver is a good match for you. Consequently, if you do not use an agency, we recommend that you interview at least 3 caregivers. This will give you a chance to experience different personalities. After you compare the three, you will be able to identify who will work best. One thing you want to be 100% sure of, is that the caregiver you chose can communicate clearly. Many elderly are hearing impaired and may require excellent language skills. A qualified Home Care Agency or Placement Company can ensure that your criteria is met.

Please remember that hiring a caregiver is a tedious process. It is imperative to the safety and well-being of the patient that you make the right choice.