Dear Cori & Sheryl,

As you know, my mom was hospitalized twice, one in February and then again in March of this year. We were told upon discharge, that she had to start using oxygen continuously for a week and then on an as needed basis. She has never been hospitalized before for pneumonia secondary to COPD. She recovered rather quickly from the first hospitalization, but that was not the case the second time.

“Her rapid decline was overwhelming…”

Her rapid decline was overwhelming to her and our family. She has always been very independent in all of her care and suddenly became weak needing an aide 12 hours a day. She needed the oxygen 24/7 to start and then slowly wean off of it as her oxygen saturation levels were consistently maintained without it. She has never had the need for oxygen until this time. It made her increasingly anxious about her situation and whether or not she would recover over time. We did not know what her “new normal” would look like.

I knew that the key to helping her recover was the quality of care and compassion provided by an excellent caregiver. I know that I speak not only for myself, but for my mom and our family, when I tell you that we could not have had a better experience than we did with the caregivers you referred for her; Tanya, Maislyn, Dorell and Sandy.

“There are not enough words that I can say about them.”

There are not enough words that I can say about them. They provided quality care beyond measure and were very kind and compassionate. My mom is very hard of hearing, and they were very patient with her. They encouraged and motivated her every step of the way to keep trying. All of us know that her recovery would not have been possible without them.

I know Platinum Select Care has an excellent reputation. Working in the industry myself, I know what to expect from a caregiver. These ladies went above and beyond all of my expectations!!!! I know all of us, especially my mom, slept easier at night knowing that they checked on her throughout the evening. You cannot put a value on peace of mind, and that is what we felt because of your caregivers.

“You cannot put a value on peace of mind”

My mother has fully recovered and back to being consistently independent once again. She was genuinely sad when it was time to discontinue her Caregivers. She is independent now and completely off of the oxygen and at 94.5, that is nothing short of a miracle. If she or anyone else that I know needs assistance down the road, you can be certain, we will always choose Platinum Select Care!

I am eternally grateful to you, Sheryl and your team at Platinum Select Care. If you have a family that would like a reference from a family member that utilized your services before, feel free to give them my number.

Forever grateful,

Sharon Agid