Private Aides – 10 Top Reason You Need A Private Aide

As we age, everyday activities become more and more difficult. Since it is hard to admit that we need help, a home aide can make all the difference. Unfortunately, many accidents happen when the elderly are left unsupervised. The risk of falling increases. This can lead to a host of other issues and unfortunate consequences. A private aide can ensure safety, as well as help with all activities of daily life (ADL’s). Hence, these include bathing, meal prep, dressing, driving and ambulating. Sadly many activities become increasingly difficult as we age.  It is very important to identify the need for in – home care. If you’re seeing any of these signs, it’s time to consider home health care. Finally, a private aides give the patient and their family, a sense of peace and an added level of security.

Private Aides can be a Life-Saver if your loved one:

  1. Is not complying with medication instructions, forgets to take medications, or has had medication errors.
  2. Has had multiple hospitalizations.
  3. Fallen multiple times or shows risks of falling.
  4. Looks un-kept or has issues with incontinence and needs assistance.
  5. Can no longer drive to and from doctor’s appointments or able to run errands.
  6. Is short of breath, has congestive heart failure.
  7. Has difficulty managing their blood sugars, or insulin regimen.
  8. Are forgetful, becomes easily confused, overwhelmed and needs constant reminding.
  9. Is not able to shop for, or prepare nutritional meals.
  10. Has functional decline or shows signs of failure to thrive.

What does a Home Health Aide do?

“Home health aides, or private aides  provide a wide range of assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). These include bathing, dressing, grooming, assisting with ambulation or transferring, toileting, feeding and providing medication reminders. In addition, home health aides help with what professionals call, instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). These include shopping, meal preparation, making medical appointments, transportation, laundry and companionship.”

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