Home Care Quiz – If you answered YES to 2 or more questions, it’s time to look into In-Home Care.

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This Home Care Quiz was created by Platinum Select Care. We understand that it is difficult to know when to  bring in a caregiver to help with everyday activities. But keeping you or your loved one safe, is always the right decision. This quiz was designed to give you insights into the hazards that can occur simply by leaving an elderly adult alone.

As we age, everyday activities become more and more difficult. Since it is hard to admit that we need help, a home aide can make all the difference. Unfortunately, many accidents happen when the elderly are left unsupervised. The risk of falling increases, which can lead to a host of many other issues and unfortunate consequences. A private aide can ensure safety as well as help with all activities of daily life (ADL’s). These include bathing, meal prep, dressing, driving and ambulating; all which can become increasingly difficult as we age. It is very important to identify the need for in – home care. If your seeing any of these signs, it’s time to consider home health care

We have over 50 years experience, and can customize a program that is just right for you. We pride ourselves on  finding you the right caregiver, that meets your needs , criteria and expectations.  By taking our home care quiz, you will know if it is time to inquire about our services.  Whether it is part-time or full-time, Platinum Select will always meet your needs and your expectations.

Call us today! We will discuss what level of care you need and how we can personalize your home care plan. Together we can determine the right plan of care for you.