Snacks For Seniors in Seconds

While snacks aren’t necessarily meals, they do provide a key source of nutrition throughout the day. Thoughtfully planning easy snacks can help you feel full throughout the day without wasting too much time. Consider the following snack combinations for seniors to keep you fueled for all your planned fun activities.

Apples & Nut Butter

Apples and peanut butter may sound like a straightforward snack for seniors, but it’s truly one of the best last-minute snacks. Apples are one of the more shelf-stable fresh fruits, and most people have protein-rich peanut butter sitting in their pantry. Easily switch up this combo by trying a new type of nut or seed blend, such as almond butter.

Looking for something a little more elevated but still only takes a minute or two to assemble? Try open-faced apple sandwiches, which are much easier to make than they sound. Simply cut an apple into thin slices lengthwise, then top with nuts, nut butters, or seeds of your choice.

Veggies & Hummus

Like apples and peanut butter, vegetables and hummus don’t need much of an explanation. Hummus is available in many flavorful varieties, including sweeter dessert flavors (though you’ll need to watch out for added sugars).

Since it’s made from chickpeas, hummus has plenty of protein to help keep you feeling satisfied between meals. If you’re not feeling a veggie pairing, dip whole wheat crackers into this creamy chickpea-based dip.

Popcorn & Salt-Free Seasonings

Bored with plain popcorn? Fresh herbs can give this whole grain the spice it needs, and the popcorn fiber will help keep you full for hours.

Don’t know where to start? A simple spiced herb popcorn takes just minutes to prepare. Simply eliminate the salt to make it a salt-free snack, which can be a heart-healthy choice for seniors.

Homemade Trail Mix

Looking for another nutrient-rich snack? Nuts and seeds provide healthy fats, protein, and fiber to keep you feeling fueled. Homemade trail mix is the perfect salty, sweet, and healthy blend.

To keep your mix healthy, try making it homemade. If store-bought options make more sense for you, be sure to seek out unsalted nuts and unsweetened fruit. Save money by buying in bulk from the nut, seed, and dried fruit blends (often located at a health food store).

Granola Bar

Like trail mix, homemade granola bars can be healthy and take just minutes to throw together. Store-bought selections can also be nutritious, just be sure to look out for added sugars on the label.

Think outside the box! For example, baking dried pineapple or coconut flakes into your bars can create a sort of tropical flavor profile.

Hard-Boiled Eggs & Whole-Grain Pretzels

Eggs are considered a complete protein, providing many nutrients seniors need. So, why limit them to breakfast? Pair a hard-boiled egg with whole-grain pretzels for an easy snack to grab when you’re headed out the door.

Surprisingly, this combo packs a punch in terms of nutrition. The egg contains healthy fats and protein, while the whole-grain pretzels add a salty serving of quality carbs to the diet.

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