There’s No Place Like Home…

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the nursing home and long term care population is at a very high risk of being infected and dying from the coronavirus. The coronavirus is known to be particularly dangerous to older adults with underlying health conditions and can spread more easily through long term care facilities, where many people live in a confined environment and workers move from room to room and client to client.

Residents of nursing homes have accounted for a staggering number of deaths related to COVID-19 and account for more than 45% of Florida’s pandemic fatalities alone. This is mainly because of limited testing and a lack of personal protective equipment such as masks that have hampered efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities. Such facilities include independent living, assisted living, rehabs and nursing homes. Due to limited testing capacity, most nursing homes are still only able to test residents with symptoms, even though the disease is known to spread asymptomatically.

The best strategy for older adults with caregiving needs is to shelter in place and be at home, the same approach that is being used for the entire population. They need to stay away from sites where people gather and share health care workers which includes all health care institutions. When it comes to staying safe, there’s no place like home.

Having an in-home caregiver allows at risk seniors to stay at home safely and with one-on-one care. This option is the safest way to protect the most vulnerable. Platinum Select Care provide a full array of in-home care services. All of our caregivers have proper personal protective equipment to protect their patients.  We ensure that our caregivers adhere to the protocol of social distancing and proper hygiene. We are in the business of protecting, helping and providing our seniors the best care possible. Platinum Select Care is an agency you can trust to help keep your loved ones safe. For more information, contact us at 561-998-3211.