Veterans Aid &  Home Care  

They fought for us and now it’s time to make sure that our Veterans are taken care of as they age.

The Department of Veterans Affair created a program to provide home care for Veterans, and their spouses. Veterans Aid will provide care when a Vet and their spouse require assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, medication management, ambulating and activites of everday living.

Veteran’s Aid – Veterans Aid is a benefit (part of their pension) for Veterans which is not service injury related. Care can be provided in a Nursing Home, Assisted Living facility or the Veteran’s personal home if they chose to “Age in Place”, and can be used to cover a personal care Aide.

A Veteran who has served their country for at least 90 days, serving at least one day during wartime and who was honorably discharged.may be eligible. This program also covers the wives (or husbands) of Veterans that are eligible.

BenefitsAny Veteran who is eligible can receive up to $1,794 per month. Their surviving spouse can receive up to $1,153 per month. The Vet and his spouse (while both are living) can receive up to $2,127 per month. If two Veterans are married, they can receive up to $2,846 a month.

Qualifications – Each Veteran must be certified from their doctor, that they meet the health requirements. The doctor must certify that they do indeed need assistance with activities of daily living and that the Veterans health requires care from others such as a Home Health Aide.

In order to qualify, the Veteran’s out-of-pocket medical expenses (including medications, insurance premiums, assisted living fees, etc.) are then deducted from their monthly income to determine eligibility. Veterans are allowed to have assets up to $80,000.00, however the exact amount is solely at the discretion of the Department of Veterans Affair. If their expenses exceed the income received, the veteran is deemed eligible, (property and cars do not count).

How does one apply? If you think that you or a loved one qualifies and needs Home Care, call Platinum Select Care and we can introduce to our Veteran Specialist

Share this article if you know of any Veteran who may be in need of receiving these benefits in order to receive a Home Health Aide. Our Veterans fought for our rights and safety and we need to make sure that they are aware of such benefits if needed.

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