7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Caregiver

  1. Know exactly what you’re looking for in a Caregiver. Create a “wish list”. This should include a schedule of days and hours.
  2. Identify the care that is needed. Be specific, including skill sets such as dementia care, cooking, computer literate as well as personal care (bathing, dressing, and incontinence care), activities, med reminders, and companionship.
  3. Have a budget in mind. This should include any long-term care insurance that the client may have. Inquire ahead of time about the benefits of your particular policy. This is a good reference as to what is covered and what is considered an out-of-pocket expense.
  4. Get recommendations. Speak with doctors and friends to see who they recommend that is a reputable agency.
  5. Call and inquire about the services that are offered. Ask if they can accommodate interviews. If not, you may want to move on to an agency that can accommodate you with interviews. Many agencies match caregivers to clients based on schedule and availability. This is why interviewing a potential candidate is a priority so that you can judge for yourself if the client and caregiver will have good chemistry.
  6. Interview potential candidates. Be prepared with a list of responsibilities and expectations ahead of time, this way the caregiver is aware of the type of care and the outcome desired.
  7. For a best practice oversee that the caregiver is following your directives and meeting the patient’s needs. It is important that in the beginning, you take the time to set up your caregiver for success so moving ahead is smooth and effective.

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