Great Gift Ideas for the Senior’s in your Life. We promise they will love them!

Are you having a hard time finding a gift for that special senior family member or friend?  If you are asking yourself that question, you are not alone. I have asked that question myself a hundred times. My parents have been fortunate enough to have traveled extensively, as well as purchased their needs and most of their wants.

But as they get on in years, I realize that none of that really matters to them, as much as their children, grandchildren and hopefully soon to be great-grandchildren. Every year, the gifts they love and cherish most, are the pictures I have given them to the family, beautiful framed that they proudly display in their homes a keepsake that celebrates a special memory.

With all the new technology, you can now take those wonderful pictures and create amazing keepsakes. Not only can you use pictures of the family but you can also take pictures of special moments and create everlasting memories.

Custom Photo Books – One of my favorite keepsakes is to create a hardcover bound book, which they can look at, time and time again. I have done this for my parents for every vacation we have taken, as well as my son’s wedding.

I love this because you can showcase special photos or events that I know they can look at any time and reminisce, or brag to their friends. It is also a perfect gift for anyone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. And by adding a few lines, they can read and remember the images they are looking at.

 Custom Photo Calendar – Another great idea which can be incredibly useful for older family & friends is a 12 month Wall Calendar. As they smile at the smiling faces looking back at them, they can also keep track of important days, as well as appointments and family gatherings.

Check out as well as for creating both unique gift-books & photo calendars that they will cherish.

Custom Photo Blanket – Who doesn’t love a super soft, warm and cozy blanket with the beautiful faces of their loved ones on it, or maybe a picture that they took while on “the trip of a lifetime.” You can even create a collage of photos arranged on a blanket, instead of choosing just one picture.

You can find different style and size blankets at  , and   

Custom Photo Puzzle – Another great gift to consider for the senior in your life whose mind you want to remain sharp, is a Photo Puzzle! They come in all sizes and pieces but if you order the 30 piece puzzle set, the pieces are 3 ½ inches in size, which will make it easier for them to maneuver, while keeping your loved one’s memories sharp and their brain thinking. You can use family photos or pictures of their pets, even special birthdays, anniversaries or trips they have taken. The best part is they will love putting together their photo puzzle again and again.

Both Walmart & Shutterfly have a variety of puzzle sizes, as well as

There are also Mugs and Phone cases you can order but whichever gift you chose, as long as it reminds them of a special moment,  person or place, it will bring a smile to their face each and every time they use it.