Move over Medical Alert Buttons…. the Electronic Care Giver’s Medical Alert System offers So Much More!

Our clients and their families have always been our priority. Keeping them safe and healthy is our number one goal, while keeping their loved ones fully informed. So when we heard about the latest innovation in the medical alert system industry, we knew we had to know more.  With the senior population expected to nearly double to 83.7 million people over 65 by 2050, and the majority choosing to remain in their homes, the old alert buttons were antiquated and needed a desperate makeover. What good is a medical alert system if it only reports an emergency, instead of preventing one?

The State-of-the-Art Features

The technology of the Electronic Care Giver empower seniors to live life independently and safe. The Electronic Care Giver can monitor a client’s medication and remind them to take on schedule. More importantly, it can detect inactivity, which can be lifesaving in so many ways.  Most other medical alert systems rely on the user being conscious and capable of  pushing a button. The ECG medical alert system goes one step further. It can detect if the client has fallen, eliminating any catastrophic consequences of unattended injuries.

Instead of the old fashioned pendant, ECG has replaced it with a new fitness style, water resistant wristband. This is not only more stylish and discreet, but easier to incorporate into everyday life activities. The operators of the older systems have to call an emergency medical technicians, when an issue arises. However, all personal that answer ECG’s calls are EMT operators. These highly trained operators will stay on the line with the caller until help arrives. They will also notify responsible parties when needed. Since they have the medical knowledge, they can also answer non-emergency questions, provide non medical advice and even add an element of comfort to those that live alone.

Excellent Level of Care

At Platinum Select Care, we strive to build positive relationships and trust with all of our clients and their families. This way, they know they can depend on us to provide their loved one an excellent level of care. We believe that the Electronic Caregiver is a great addition to the services we provide. Our hope is that the Electronic Care Giver’s advanced medical alert system,  gives the client the independence and confidence when Platinum Select’s home health aides are not there.

Introductory Offer

There is never a fee for set-up or activation and the equipment is always free. The monitoring fee starts at $39 per month, however we are offering a no-cost special to all new Clients for the month of June and July. It is the perfect complement to keep your loved one safe, healthy and happy.

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