Preparing for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here, and we must be vigilant in preparing ourselves for what is expected to be busier than normal hurricane season. This year the U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts 13-20 named storms, including 3-5 major hurricanes with 111 mph winds and above. Below is a list of resources to prepare your families and homes for any potential storm.
  • Special coronavirus guidance. Read this CDC guide on how to prepare for a hurricane while staying safe from the coronavirus.
  • Stay informed. Download local news apps, follow FEMA and emergency management reports, and try to have a battery-operated radio handy in case power goes out.
  • Know your evacuation plan. Know how you will get you and your family out of the storm area. For information about shelters close to you, visit the Red Cross’s website or text SHELTER and your zip code to 43362.
  • Stock up on essential supplies. Make sure your car is fueled, locate your first aid kit, gather prescriptions and important documents, and keep your pet’s kennel ready at hand. You’ll need bottled water, non-perishable food, and batteries if your power goes out.
  • Know what to do in case of flooding. Don’t attempt to drive on flooded roads, and stay away from downed power lines.
If you or a loved one has special needs: if you live in Palm Beach County, please visit this website or call 561-712-6400; if you live in Broward County, visit this website or call 954-831-3902. You can access FEMA’s hurricane website at and Florida’s emergency management division at Links to these sites and other important resources can also be found on my website,