Geriatric Psychiatrist Joins Platinum Select Care to Help Our Elderly Loved Ones Cope with Aging

Platinum Select Care is proud to announce our partnership with Dr Arthur Rosecan, a Board Certified Geriatric Psychiatrist. Our goal is to provide services for our clients that ensure they continue to maintain a wonderful quality of life.

Dr Rosecam has partnered with PSC to better meet your needs

When our family members become concerned with the behavior of their loved one, we believe that Dr Rosecan can help. Geriatric psychiatrists will sort through the maze of information, including a person’s background and life story. In addition, Dr Rosecam will also compile medical, neurological and surgical history, as well as medications. This helps him determine what is causing the symptoms of concern.

For example; Is a person depressed because he or she is getting forgetful, or is he or she forgetful because they are depressed?

In this instance, it is important to look at whether the depression has been inadequately treated? This holistic approach leads to an accurate diagnosis. Furthermore it helps create a highly individualized treatment plan.

Unlike many other Geriatric psychiatrists, Dr. Rosecam welcomes, (with the permission of the patient), any input from family members.  Adult children can give a more complete picture of the patient. In addition, Rosecam believes that every individual is unique. Consequently he believes that one size does not fit all. He enjoys his work and finds that each has a fascinating life story that shapes who they are.

Who is Dr. Arthur S. Rosecan?

Arthur S. Rosecan, M.D. is considered an expert in memory disorders. Above all he is double board-certified in both general adult psychiatry AND geriatric psychiatry. Dr Rosecan served as Chief Resident in Psychiatry at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. He also served as Medical Director of Inpatient Psychiatric Service.

Geriatric psychiatrists work hard to understand the interplay between mood and neurological illness. Similarly, Dr. Rosecan takes pride in translating complex neuropsychiatric concepts into plain English.

Dr. Rosecan is currently in private practice and has three locations in Palm Beach County. In addition he sees patients in a variety of settings, including private office, retirement communities, nursing homes, and rehabilitation hospitals for nearly three decades. Dr. Rosecan lectures frequently for the Alzheimer’s Association and other senior interest groups.  In addition, the doctor is also available for home visits.