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SO Much More Than a Medical Alert Button!

Decades ago, the only technology available was the "I have fallen and I can't get up" button, that could only alert someone to your distress. Today, we can help prevent it!

We have come so much farther in technology and capability of monitoring those who live alone or those that suffer with chronic illness. The Electronic Care Giver has a built in GPS and can not only alerts someone if you need help, but it also can detect your inactivity. The Electronic Caregiver also reminds you to take your medication, checks to make sure you are taking the correct medication and other health reminders.  The ECG can immediately connect  you to a professional healthcare personal.  Whether it is an emergency or you need medical advice, you can speak to someone anytime of the day.

The Electronic Caregiver is SO much more than a medical alert button AND it is the perfect complement to our "Platinum" level of care that our Home Health Aides provide.  The Electronic Care Giver's technology provides the freedom and confidence for the elderly to live safely and independently, in their own home.

Stylish Wrist-Worn Pendant

Instead of a pendant that gets in the way, the fitness band style, emergency wrist alarm pendant is submersible, and has long range capabilities. This light weight, attractive safety device is worn 24/7 and provides reliable protection. Because it doesn’t look like an emergency button, our clients love wearing it.

Activity Detection

Activity detection verifies you’re active. In the event you might be unconscious and unable to press a button, we’ll know something is wrong as an alert signals the emergency response facility.

Medication Management

Personalized, monitored medication reminders keep you on track with your care plan. If  you do not respond to the reminder, it can check to make sure you’re okay.

Family Caregiver Connection Apps

Both Android or iOS apps are available for family members who can be empowered with access to check on a loved ones whereabouts.  They can also check on system status or an event, and can even send a personalized message or reminder.

24 hr EMT Operators &  Stay-on-the-Line Service

The Electronic Care Giver's emergency response facility is staffed with licensed Emergency Medical Technicians. The most qualified operators in the industry will respond to your inquiries, notify responsible parties when a wellness check is needed, or notify emergency services during a crisis. Our EMT operators will always stay on the line during emergencies. They are there to reassure, advise and assess, until a responder is actually kneeling at your side.


With PocketMD, you can connect with a doctor round-the clock 365 days a year. It’s easy, it’s affordable and like having a team of medical experts in the palm of your hand at all times.

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