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Medical Marijuana & Senior Citizens

Seniors Medical Marijuana for Seniors Citizens Medical Marijuana for Senior Citizens. Seniors are using marijuana more now than ever before. A recent study conducted by New York University found that more than 20 percent of marijuana users over age 65.   Research has shown that it is particularly effective at treating chronic pain. It can also help Cancer, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, and post-traumatic stress [...]

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Introducing Privately Yours – PSN’s Sister Company

Privately Yours - Platinum Select Nursing's New Sister Company Privately Yours was developed by their sister company Platinum Select Nursing, to meet and exceed your expectations. In order to do this, we saw a need and created a company that allows you to hire and manage caregivers directly and privately. Our sister company, Privately Yours was specifically designed for that [...]

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Care Managers

Care Managers Protect Your Elderly Loved One &  Ensure their Health & Safety. We understand that caring for a parent, spouse or family member can be rewarding and stressful at the same time. It can also be extremely overwhelming. Enlisting the help of a Care Manager can be just what the doctor ordered. You might be asking yourself, what exactly [...]

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Platinum Select Nursing is different than all the other 300 agencies… and here’s why!

Platinum Select Nursing is different than all the other 300 agencies… and here's why! Platinum Select Nursing prides ourselves on being different AND better than all the other home care agencies in South Florida. And here's why! First, Platinum Select Listens! We really listen to what you want and need. We are ALL about building strong relationships. Whether the relationship [...]

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Patient Advocates are a Must When your Loved One is Hospitalized.

Patient Advocates are a Must when your Loved One is Hospitalized. Patient advocates are a must for anyone that is hospitalized. I learned this valuable lesson from my own personal experience just this past week. Although doctors and nurses supposedly know the best “textbook” cases, YOU know your loved one the best. I wasn’t there when my family member was [...]

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10 Tips to Communicate Better With Your Cognitively Impaired Loved One.

By following these 10 tips, you can communication better and build trust with those suffering with dementia and cognitive impairments.  Never Argue, Instead Agree. For example, instead of saying “what do you mean you want to go home? You have been living in this house for 25 years. You are home. Say this – “I want to go home too. [...]

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