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Meet Our Care Giver of the Month!

Ketteline LaRose
Ketteline LaRoseOctober 2018 Care Giver of the Month
Congratulations to Ketteline LaRose

Ketteline was chosen as Platinum Select Nursing’s CAREGIVER of the MONTH for her outstanding work with a difficult client. She has gone above & beyond as a caregiver and has proven her dedication and commitment to her patients!

Thank you Ketteline for your hard work and for consistently representing the values of Platinum Select Nursing!!

Meet More of Our Dedicated Care Givers!

Yolene Joseph
Yolene JosephCertified Nursing Assistant
I’ve worked with Platinum Select Nursing since 2009. I enjoy working with Platinum because, they are a great company and not only cares about the client but the employee as well. They have always kept me busy with work and have grown into such a great agency. The professionalism they show is why I’m proud to say I work for Platinum Select Nursing.
Jose Monthervil
Jose MonthervilHome Health Aide
In December 2014, I attended an orientation with Platinum Select Nursing. Since then I do not regret a second being a part of this prestigious nursing company. There motto is excellence, respect, and hard working. This company is the best when it comes to valuing customers as well as agents. I had a difficult patient in 2015. I simply made a report and the administration addressed the patient’s loved ones, who apologized to me and it never happened again. That’s what I call valuing an employee! I think that this company hires the right people in order to attend the next level of excellence in caring for people!
Myriam Languy
Myriam LanguyHome Health Aide
I never knew that I would ever find a place to work that have a staff that knows their jobs and very respectful towards other. Platinum Nursing is the best I love everything I will refer clients and caregiver to the best agency in the world. –

Meet Our Home Office Staff!